Introduce a child to birds and bird watching with these books for young readers

These books will fuel a youngster's interest in birds and bird watching. Kids are naturally curious about the birds they see in their yard, neighborhood, and parks. Help them obtain an understanding of birds at a young age,
and give them something they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Birds, Nests & Eggs (Take Along Guides)

This is a great little book to get young ones interested in birds and birding. Your kids will be naming the birds in your yard and neighborhood in no time.

Beginning Birdwatcher's Book: With 48 Stickers

 An easy to read and fact filled book to help kids log their bird observations.  Includes pages for 48 common birds, each with space for a sticker, plus details about the bird.  A fun, inexpensive activity book. 


Owl Babies

In this sweet little book for pre-schoolers, three baby owls anxiously wait for their mother to come home. Beautiful illustrations.


Backyard Birding for Kids

A field guide and activity book just for kids. Kids lean how to ceate a bird-friendly habitat in their own backyard and to identify the birds who come to visit.

Birds (Peterson Field Guide Color-In Books)

Here's an interesting and fun approach to learning bird identification.There's a sticker of each bird graphic, along with a large, uncolored outline. Use the sticker as a reference to color the bird. Each drawing also has a brief educational description.


A nice introduction to the wonderful world of birds for preschool through kindergarten aged children.  Kids will love this one and parents will enjoy reading it again and again. 


The Barn Owls

This ryhming booky by Phillis Root is sure to charm little ones and adutls alike. Little birds learn to fly and five other types of baby animals are observed too.


Crisp, bright illustrations and minimal text make this an excellent choice for youngests. Follows a robin through a full year.

The Barn Owls

Poetry and art celebrate generations of barn owls who have resided in a barn for 100 years, at least. For pre-school to grade 4.

How To Draw Birds

Simple step-by-step illustrations on how to draw birds. Easy enough for kids to use.

Have You Heard the Nesting Bird?

Fun illustrations, rhyming verses about various bird calls, and a fun "interview" with a robin make for an educational and enteraining book. For pre-school to grade 3.


Charming illustrations and a countdown of bird songs will help build interest in birds and introduce counting a to 10. For pre-school to grade 2.

Owl Moon

This Caldecott Medal winner tells the story of young girl's winter night owling adventure with her father. For pre-school to grade 2.

Mama Built a Little Nest

This illustrated book features a variety of different types of bird nests, with a rhyming verse and some information about each nest type. For pre-school through grade 3.

How Do Birds Find Their Way?

This book for children in grades 1 - 3 helps young readers understand how birds navigate their annual migrations.

Ultimate Explorer Field guide: Birds

This National Geographic Kids Ultimate Explorer Field Guide encourages kids to stop, look, and listen to find birds in their own backyard. Includes photos, maps, and "save the birds!" information.

Birdwatching For Kids

This book by well-known backyard birding authoriy, George H. Harrison, is designed for kids ages 8 to 14. Kids will learn about birds and how to attract them with backyard habitat improvements such as feeders, birdhouses, and baths. Includes QR codes that can be scanned to hear bird calls.

The Big Book of Birds

This Big Book of Birds, which is part of the popular Big Book Series, features bird facts and Yuval Zommer's colorful and whimiscal illustrations.

Baby's First Book of Birds & Colors

This book for preschoolers introduces eight colors through illustrations of birds and similarly colored plants. Birds and plants are identifying labels.